Who is this guy?

My name is Simon – enough said. I’d rather have some element of anonymity due to the fact that my political and social opinions have landed me in trouble with an extremely right-wing, fascist, authoritarian employer once before, hence the reason I teach in WA’s public education system where secularism is A-OK!

Basically, I’ve had my left-wing ideals since I was quite young. I grew up with my dad being quite involved in politics, he was a member of the ALP during the 80’s and friends with a number of politicians who went on to bigger things (and infamy).

However, it was not until high school that I developed my own personal philosophies and ideologies more articulately – reading about events such as the English Civil War and figures such as Oliver Cromwell, learning about the Soviet Revolution and its instigators such as Vladimir Lenin and Trotsky, and before this reading about Marxist theory. Developing more ideals about anti-imperialism by learning about U.S intervention in Central and South American nations and in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

I also have a passion for environmental and animal conservation and believe that humans need to begin an equilibrium with our environment – we need to change the way we eat, meat consumption is far too much. We are able to consume protein and vital nutrients through other sources such as plants and grains, there is no need to continue butchering cattle and other livestock and also clearing forests so that we may herd these beasts.

We also need to change the way we use fuel and our consumption. I envision an electric system running on purely solar power that will energise a circular transport system in our cities.

Anyway, that’s what I’m about – oh yeah and there’s also the fight for more tolerance amongst people as well, but that’s the tough one.



One Response to “Who is this guy?”

  1. Peter Spicer-Wensley June 2, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    Enjoyed your posts Simon!
    Especially today’s about “What scared me today…”
    You _may_ remember me from sunny Swan View SHS…
    Best wishes on your teaching.
    I too am back in the classroom after a stressful and unappreciated sojourn as a network admin. REALLY enjoying getting back into teaching.
    Told them to stick the network job where the sun shineth not.
    Am happier than a pig in the thickest, muckiest muck!
    Anyway it would be great to catch up with yourself and Lasic and others some time (over an ale or three).
    Peter Spicer-Wensley

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