Why we should hate Colin Barnett

3 Sep

Hate is such a strong word, yet it can be fully justified if the thing or person of which you are speaking about is such a vile and disgusting being. I am speaking about none other than the premier of W.A, Colin Barnett.

Even typing his name and seeing it written on my screen only a moment ago brings a small amount of shame to myself for degrading my computer this way. Therefore, henceforth, the said premier shall be referred to as Bullfrog (those who have seen images of this putrid excuse for a human will know what I mean). For nearly two years he and his cronies at the Western Fascism Factory have been fear-mongering everyone in this state. From his rash of budget cuts to an endless stream of pandering to the rich and elite, he has almost accomplished his goal of driving W.A further backwards and delivering it the redneck reputation that we so deserve.

This week, the sly bullfrog of a man got ever so closer to his goal with his evil plans to acquisition land in the state’s north. Despite the fact that the traditional owners of that land are Indigenous Australians and that this land is agreed by the Commonwealth to be left alone, the bullfrog has inflated his already oversized and grotesque chin in an act of defiance to the federal government, not to mention 50,000 years of heritage.

As insensitive and thoughtless as this plan is, there is nothing that comes close to the rampant love-love relationship that the bullfrog has with the mining companies. Rio Tinto, BHP and Woodside must be squealing with absolute delight right now at the decision from the amphibious conservative. Now they can not only increase profits, but they can trample on Indigenous culture at the same time – it’s as if Christmas has come 4 months early this year! Perhaps their stockings will be filled with some of the new cole that the government also wants to start mining in this state as well.

The bullfrog is very quickly alienating W.A and it’s people from the rest of Australia. There were minor rumors of secession a little while ago, I’m sure that the eastern states would be very quick to sign the papers advocating this right now.

Bullfrog doesn’t just have conservative, right-wing ideas, he is the unholy embodiment of them. Last year he was the new improved Stubborn Bullfrog as he was the only state leader in this country to reject then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s new health deal. Bullfrog looked more smug than ever and we didn’t think that his chin could inflate any more than this point in his swamp-like career. However, just like his kin who spend the early part of their lives transforming from tadpole to amphibian, he truly evolved into his own when he made the move this week to acquire land; land that is already recognised as belonging to the original custodians of this country – Indigenous Australians.

This is why I hate Colin Barnett. Not just this reason but also the fact that he is the very embodiment, the living icon of all that is wrong and extremely shitty about this state. We are a bunch of ultra-conservatives with no sense of respect for the rights of others or for the marginalised. All that matters to us is the bottom line and how much profit our beloved overlords, the mining companies, make each year.

Bullfrog runs this state right now, but not for long Bullfrogs do not have a very long life expectancy, 7 years or thereabouts.

It’s only a matter of time, Bullfrog.


One Response to “Why we should hate Colin Barnett”

  1. lauren February 18, 2012 at 9:56 am #

    i love whoever wrote that about colin barnett!!!!! i hate him with the passion!!!! i had a good laugh reading that blog… so true!!! good one.

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