Identity Lost

10 Aug

Counter culture has served its purpose. The days of individuality in western society are now over. It was put to rest at the end of the 60’s. It resurrected again in the 80’s, 90’s and again today – ironically, causing us to take on the appearance of zombies – lifeless, emotionless, no independent thought process at all.

Any attempt to appear rebellious, to go against the status quo is to ultimately conform. This is self-evident in the herd-like behaviour of, not only youth, but now also those members of generation x approaching their late 30’s and 40’s. The desire to own that new large flat screen LED television, or to ensure that their children have an iPod each as well as a matching iPhone or Blackberry to match is the new way to keep up with their neighbours.

Of course, this is nothing new. Materialism was the ID tag of the 20th Century, however it has since carried over and picked up the pace with some hostility and resentment towards any endeavor to be ‘yourself’. To just BE.

The reason I began this post by stating that counter culture had served its purpose, is simply because it no longer functions as a means to rebel or to appear different. It is now, very much, a part of the capitalist mechanism which, unfortunately, drives this world. We are no longer identified by who we are, but what we own. The individual is now a myth, crucified over 50 years ago in order to pave way for comfort and material satisfaction. Our only gratification is through a credit card purchase – 300 hundred days interest free of course, no deposit!

I am, however, speaking in generalities – as always. You can not simply lump mankind into this one large mess which we ourselves have created.

There are still pockets of resistance to the machine controlling our world. Not all of us are slaves to capitalisms beck and call. We still have our own free will and ability to make decisions based upon personal beliefs, personal tastes, personal needs.

Mass-manufacturing, in any form, may also be on the way out. There is no evidence to support this case, however, if you look back over history, everything since human-kinds ability to come down from the tree and walk upright, has been in cycles. There have been empires that have come and gone. Whole civilisations have disappeared, leaving only fantastic architecture as a testament to their existence. Leaders have made their mark, and have been eliminated, or just faded out of view. New technologies have arrived – some purposeful, some purposeless.

What this is saying is that eventually all things must come to an end. Whether it be tomorrow or in a years time, in a decade or in a century, is not the point. The point is that the cycle will eventually end.

We are currently living in an imperialist society. The US is the empire, it has extended its arms into most western and eastern nations. The very concept of globalisation is an imperialist theory that was put into practice years ago so that today each nation has also lost its identity.

Again, this cycle will come to an end. There is only so much conformity and loss of identity that people can take.

One day, counter culture will again serve the purpose of eliminating the herd, the mob. We are still far from that day, but we are also close enough to sense that it is arriving and that it will arrive. However, like I have stated in previous posts, it does not only come down to that day arriving on its own, it is fully dependent on the people taking action – people power!

Another thing that history has taught us is that anything is possible. If you have the people, all set on the same goal, great things can be achieved. The formation of workers unions is a great example of people power, particularly here in Australia – achievements such as winning the 8 hour day, gaining wage increases and receiving benefits that are in line with our basic human rights are only a few examples.

On the flip-side, we are also vulnerable to having those rights taken away when complacency sets in. This is exactly how Work Choices was introduced in Australia. If we become far too comfortable in society (and distracted by other ‘problems’) then we lose what we have fought so hard for.

What we have lost today, is our identity.

It is now time that we has a people took it back.

End the slavery.

End the complacency.

End the herd.

Bring on the revolution!


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