6 Aug

Another political cycle is about to come to an end in this country. A political cycle that, like most others, leaves us disappointed and without any hope of transformation gratified.

In just under 3 years, much has taken place in the world. Our unfair market system has rendered the homeless situation even more hopeless. Many numbers amongst the rich have become slightly less richer. The economies of the world fell swiftly. Our brothers and sisters in Europe were the hardest hit while those in nations on the continents of Africa and South America continued suffering under the imperialistic domination of the United States.

In Oceania, there are unjustified sighs of relief that the impact has not (or will not) show its full potential and will not be a mirror of the northern and western hemispheres.

Although so many among us appear to be relieved due to the fact that our industries have recovered and markets appear stable – we are so quick to forget that these facts mean we are still slaves to a corrupt and destructive capitalist system. The more complacent we become with our own lives and what we call ‘the system’, the more it tightens it’s chains on us all.

What we are failing to see is that, even if this is a precursor or not to a larger market recession, the system has to change. Right now there are far too many of us content with an unjust system because their own lives appear comfortable. Comfort is, in the opinion of many of those that have fought the system, something that negates any progress and change we could hope to create. Ignorance is bliss to many and, unfortunately, this applies to the majority of our brothers and sisters.

The only answer that we have is to take action. The revolution will not appear on its own. It will not topple the dictatorial regimes, the banks, the oil companies, the imperialist US, the fascist right-wingers the churches and those dictators who falsely claim to be on the left.

The transformation only occurs with action. For every action there is a reaction, this is something that we must remember.

Here, in Australia, we are more than ever at our social crossroads. It is not too late to undo the work of the past decade – the Northern Territory intervention which reeks of racial profiling. The Australian Christian Lobby’s stronghold over our government. Our inhumane asylum detention centres. The thug caste that the Howard years created – responsible for race riots in Cronulla and the vicious beatings that Indian university students are suffering in Melbourne. Our insistence that marriage should only be between a man and a woman – forgetting that this is also an abuse of human rights since we ignore the science that sexual orientation is determined at birth.

These are the things that must be eliminated within our society if Australia is to ever progress. We must realise our position within the region where we live – the change that could take place forever throughout Asia could easily begin with us as a beacon of that change and the good that it brings. However, this is to be done in a non-cynical fashion – without sweet-talking non-action and simply a slight tweaking of the current system.

It needs to be  revolution – a complete transformation, not just a change. If it doesn’t take place this way, then we are doomed to repeat the same cycle that we have been repeating since 1901.


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