Our Slippery Slope

8 Jul

When the illogical choices are the ones made by our supposed leaders and mistakes of the past are continually made, is it time that we organised and fought?

An unfair system that compounds in abuses of human rights, preference for the rich and powerful and the desecration of our world is one that simply CANNOT be allowed to stand any longer.

At this time, it is urgent that we not only become openly defiant and vocal about change, but we need to take stronger action. An election is not the answer for change of any kind, not positive change anyway. Unfortunately, what is seen far too much right now is apathy bordering on outright nihilism. If it isn’t that, then we have views of people reinforcing the ideas of the current system. Sadly, there are plenty of people who fall into the latter category.

In a couple of weeks, Australia’s leadership has changed. We have seen one conservative traded for another. We have seen one person’s ideals repackaged and represented as someone else’s. Soon, we will be voting at polling booths to decide if the current leader should stay or be replaced by another clone of the conservative variety. I use the term ‘variety’ quite ironically, since really, there is none, and hasn’t been any in Australian politics for a long time.

Not one policy made in 14 years has been beneficial to humanity, to the majority, to our rights. In fact, policy has been made, legislation has been passed (even if unconstitutional) that has ensured a fair amount of human rights abuses have taken place. Since we are not the policy makers, we are not capable of passing law, we are virtually powerless to make this change.

Or so it would seem.

What our society should desire, what it NEEDS, is activism, more of it. The very fact that, as a whole, Australians are simply allowing these conservatives to get away with each abuse and misuse of power is the very reason why they should begin taking an interest. It’s because, with each desecration of our rights, a slippery slope forms. One policy is directed towards one area of our rights, another follows.

Take the ‘clean feed’ for instance. Senator Conroy’s idea of the Australian super firewall is actually the brainchild of the Christian Lobby. The ACL has had the hold of government ears for quite some time now and it is only a matter of time before this fundamentalist and non-secular organisation is responsible for many more abuses coming our way.

When our rights to monitoring and self-censoring are gone, then so is our own concept of responsibility. The government would love very dearly to regulate and control our Internet access, yet when it comes to regulating and controlling private enterprise, we are given the Mr Hyde treatment.

When those given refugee status or asylum seekers being held in detention off-shore have lost all of their rights, do not believe for one second that any of you born here in this country will be safe. Like I said, it is a slippery slope and it will only become worse.

A government which continually makes the decisions which have desecrated our rights in the past, is only doomed to continually repeat them, over and over again.


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