Dominant Ideology

9 Jun

What is it that makes the dominant ideology in each society different? Is it the history of their people? Geographical factors? Climactic factors? Deep and pressing issues that have become ingrained in society over a period of time? Is it the people?

Why in Australia, do we have such a conservative dominant ideology when, even compared to other nations with a history of fascism and despotism, we appear to swing even further to the right than they do now?

The media in Australia, rather than choosing to subvert or challenge this ideology, has made the decision to reinforce it.

Australia began it’s swing, deep into the far right under John Howard. Those years with a conservative coalition in government were the blueprint for our unprogressive society today. The rampant anti-intellectualism, extremism, xenophobia and inward looking attitude that we have today are all results of Howard’s 11 year reign.

Even with an alleged centre-left government currently in power, Australia still cannot shake the fascist undertones that exist within our dominant ideology.

A nation, any nation, is made up of many different ideologies. We have moderate liberals, libertarians, socialists, nihilists, fundamentalists, socialists; it takes many to make the world go round. However, within each nation also exists the large circle that is the dominant ideology.

Australia has adopted a conservative, far right ideology.

So, the next question is: should we be worried?

If the thug-caste that Howard indirectly created (otherwise known as bogans) is anything to go by, then we can safely say that the arrogant, racist and pugilistic attitudes which often at times turn to action, will further sink our nation’s reputation in the global view. Action such as the unprovoked attacks on Indian university students in Melbourne. The complete inaction of the Victorian government and their police service is another point to keep about our leaders’ apathy in taking on those responsible for a race-based attack and protecting innocent students. So easy to begin a ‘war on terror’, so indecisive on whether to declare a war on crime.

We should be worried. Not only are the thug-caste allowed to run free and torment whomsoever they wish but we also have no guarantee that our government will combat this behaviour.

The media, in its usual way, chooses not to subvert nor challenge this ideology. Rather, it reinforces it. This is where the problem becomes more than just a problem but an issue that doesn’t seem like it will disappear. Once the agenda is set, then the agenda is set – not just by the media, but by the people who subscribe to the dominant ideology.


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