Pop-Media has done it again

3 Jun

David Koch you really are the biggest tool in this country. Actually, everyone involved on the channel 7 TV show, Sunrise is a complete tool.

It’s a complete wonder why anyone bothers to take this show without so much as a grain of salt. It would actually be a pretty funny program if they weren’t being serious. However, they ARE being serious. The delivery has all the conventions of brilliant sketch comedy, from Koch’s pathetic jokes and one-liners that even my dad would stay away from, right through to the extremely poor and misguided attempt at political and social commentary.

If I wasn’t already well fortified in my self-ban on any mainstream media I’d probably be exposed to this shameless rival to the even more nauseating, Good Morning Australia on the 9 network. In much the same way that Australia’s political landscape offers almost nothing in choice (apart from the Greens), we are given no alternatives to the big 3 commercial networks. Even the ABC and SBS have their agenda. Where are the independents? Where is the alternative to the same drum beat that has had journalists and reporters dancing for the past 60 years?

Thank you for Social Media. At least I can read an intelligent, balanced and eloquent editorial from a non-professional writer somewhere else in this country or the world who has more intelligence and especially more nerve to state the facts and give an opinion based on logic and reason.

Reading about the ridiculous story which took place on Sunrise yesterday morning, I almost had no choice but to depart ways with my recently eaten lunch. An audience poll was taken where they counted votes on who would be the preferred PM: Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott, Bob Brown and… wait for it… the so cleverly constructed joke; Mr Don Key… complete with a picture of an actual donkey. Well done, Sunrise. You’ve turned us all into idiots, just like your viewers.

Koch, on a completely nonsensical rant, tried to tell us all how politicians should cease thinking about themselves and their parties, and start thinking about the Australian people. OH! What a deep and insightful thing to say Mr Koch.

To make matters worse, Neil Mitchell of the Herald Sun wrote this even more nauseating article based on the episode.

I’ve already given my two cents to Mr Mitchell on his extremely poor writing and inability to back up statements with actual facts and examples for the reader. I wonder how stupid he actually believes his readers are? Then again, it’s the Herald Sun that we’re talking about here.

To get back to the audience poll, the simple fact that the donkey won does not mean anything. We’re hearing a whole lot of talk now from within pop-news and faux-news circles that there are no decent candidates worth voting for at the next federal election.

Need I remind everyone that Australia is a parliamentary democracy and as such we do not ‘vote’ for who is going to be Prime Minister. Well we don’t vote them in directly. We vote for our local candidates. They belong to a party, and if they are voted in and their party gains the majority in the house of representatives then they form part of the government.

Something to remind a few people about.

What strikes me as unfair is the lack of respect given to one of the few politicians at the moment, Senator Bob Brown. Brown has been unfairly named part of the ‘loony left’ in Australian politics.

How can it be that a politician is dubbed ‘loony’ when their policies are all based on logic and reason? While others bow to a religious dogma and a capitalist agenda.

Food for thought.


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