Rantings of a Football Fan

12 May

According to mainstream media outlets in Australia, the only other place in the world where club football is played is in the UK. And the only four sides that exist are Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. Oh yeah, and the Italians are cheats, the South Americans are drug-users and the Socceroos SHOULD win the next world cup because our boys have the ‘aussie spirit’ and hold ‘aussie values’.

And let’s not forget that the A-League has the greatest player in the world – Robbie Fowler – playing for one of its clubs. Raw talent and excitement like Fowler don’t come along very often. We are so lucky to have him play in our beautiful country and it’s very powerful league.

Sydney FC, according to most media outlets on the east coast, is the greatest football club ever. And over here in the west, Perth Glory is the greatest ‘soccer’ club in the world.

However, listen up football, because you better do as you’re told when the AFL and NRL want something their way. Because, we all know that they are the two biggest and most powerful sporting leagues in the world. I mean, how can you argue with the raw power of the AFL, which is a sport played in so many other countries. And it doesn’t matter if this is just at an amateur level, because it’s so quickly taking over the rest of the world. Pretty soon they’ll have major leagues dedicated to Aussie Rules everywhere!

Don’t worry though, football. Because the media says that you have enough decent stadiums, and if Australia gets the FIFA world cup… sorry, the ‘soccer’ world cup, then they should suffice for only the thousands of people that will want to come here and watch the matches… according to the media.

I’d like to deliver a big metaphoric slap in the face (and a literal one at certain types) to the Australian media. Particularly the media based in the west.

Why do the fans of football, REAL football, continually feel frustrated and betrayed? Why do we feel that there is a definite agenda where you do not want the world game to succeed in a nation where we supposedly take our sport very seriously? How can Australia call itself one of the greatest sporting nation on Earth when we struggle so much with the biggest sport on Earth? It is time that we woke up and got real!

Football is the fastest growing sport in Australia, particularly amongst the youth. The AFL and NRL are worried by this. Why? Because they have had the stranglehold on the nation for so long, that when people do realise the beauty of the world game, they’ll lose numbers, money and ultimately, power.

Just last week, the USA put in a fantastic bid to FIFA for the 2018/22 world cup. This is around the same time that the FFA did. Which one do you think would be more sold to Sepp Blatter and the officials at FIFA?

The NFL and NBA – two of the biggest sporting leagues in the United States, have put their full support behind the bid. What did the AFL and NRL do over here? Kicked up a big fuss about losing ticket sales over one month and then demanded compensation from an already cash-strapped FFA. Talk about toddler tantrums at the highest level!

I sat there, watching incredulously, as Andrew Demetriou, supreme commander of the Australian ‘Football’ League looked straight-faced at the camera on channel 7 news the other night, and demanded compensation from Ben Buckley and his boys at the FFA.

Let’s not forget now, that Ben used to work for Andrew less than two years ago at the AFL, so it’s no wonder when Andrew told him to jump, Ben asked, not only how high, but also thanked him for the order.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not stating that Australia bow down to football and praise it as the greatest sport on Earth. We are all entitled to our own opinions. However, when a fantastic game such as the world game is not even given a chance because of some truly, uniquely Australian, messed up agenda, then that is when we should be crying foul.

There is not one remote chance given to football. And when there is the slightest thing that goes our way, we are told to stop our complaining – like a little kid that had to settle for vanilla because there were no other flavours – we should be lucky to have the chance.

I’ve seen a lot of BS in my relatively short life so far. And I’ve dealt enough BS to know when BS is BS and this, my friends, is… you guessed it; BS.

It appears my boycott on any free-to-air channels apart from SBS and ABC in my house isn’t working due to certain requirements of my wife, in that she tune into master chef, home and away and… *shiver* two and a half men. So sometimes, when channel 7, 9 or 10 happen to be on and I see the sports report come up, I still hear my heart thumping loudly away, waiting… just waiting for any glimpse of a news story that contains teams of football from OUTSIDE the English Premier League and does not contain the words; cocaine, match-fixing or *groan* diving.

Then my heart returns to normal because, after all, football isn’t played in any other country.


One Response to “Rantings of a Football Fan”

  1. matt May 13, 2010 at 4:11 am #

    dude –

    2 and a half men is grounds for divorce.

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