Too Bad, AFL

7 Dec

First of all, I’d make apologies… if I felt bad at all. However, I don’t. The AFL has had it far too good for far too long and now it is time for REAL football to be given the chance that it so rightly deserves.

This week, the bosses at the AFL, particularly one quite large round spectacled individual, spoke about how having the FIFA World Cup in Australia would ruin a number of clubs due to their inability to use the MCG for an entire season. As this happens to just be scare tactics and a way for red-blooded, chest-thumping, bogan, AFL supporters to get behind their league and turn up the knob on the anti-football machine, I won’t panic too much at some tiny, misguided plea for help from a very immature and irresponsible chairman of a sporting league.

As it happens, The World Game, Football, REAL Football, has been undermined throughout Australia’s sporting history. Now that there seems to be so much more success and popularity surrounding the sport over here, the ‘established’ codes are having a fit about what it will do to them. You see, it’s not often that they get to see a sport with class, that takes real talent and has style about it.

Yet, as it is, they are threatened. Threatened by what will surely be a new wave of interest and popularity in the world game.

There are also a number of things wrong with the AFL’s argument that the lack of use of the MCG would ruin a number of clubs:

1 – Those clubs in Victoria which have been said to be at risk do not get enough supporters to fill the MCG unless it is a finals match anyway. They have their own home grounds as well.

2 – The World Cup only lasts for 4 weeks. That’s one month out of a season that lasts for 7 months. It won’t fall over the finals and it won’t mean that the AFL will have to be postponed for an entire season, which is a completely ridiculous statement to make.

3 – The amount of revenue and tourism that the World Cup will bring into this country means that other sporting leagues will get a share of the money accumulated by the government under grants and other hand outs. There is absolutely no way that it will be a financial burden on AFL teams.

4 – Healthy competition only means that the other leagues such as NRL and AFL now have to step up their game. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, it just happens that Demetriou is a greedy bastard with no forward planning or care to other sports.

6 – AFL is not the only sport played in Australia during the winter and cricket is not the only sport played during the summer.

I think I’ve made my point.

Too bad, AFL.


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