The Change

1 Dec

First of all before I begin, I’d like to thank my good friend and colleague Tomaz Lasic for his nomination in the EduBlog awards

For those that haven’t read Tomaz’s blog, it is one of the most inspiring journals from a teacher that can be read. His blog is called ‘Human’ and can be linked from my blog.

So, a few things have been happening since the last time I posted on here. First and foremost, the Liberal (conservative) Party leadership has changed (again) with Tony Abbot clinching the winning vote by a margin of one after fellow fundamentalist Joe Hockey decided to pull out (possibly because he had not done his rosary or gone to confession that morning).

This means that that moderates are now without power and the party shifts itself further back to the right. Now I’m not an advocate for any member of the coalition, but if there were to be an alternative PM then I’d much rather it be Malcolm Turnbull than the ultra-conservative and religiously fundamental Abbott.

Now I have nothing at all against Catholics seeing as I grew up as one. However there should be a clear cut line between politics and religion. Our constitution guarantees the separation of church and state, it is required for any democracy to survive. Abbott will be watched very closely by the left and advocates of sane and rational thought as he steers his party around legislation for the next 6 months or so leading up to an election.

One of the greatest disappointments out of all of this is that the ETS will more than likely not go through resulting in a double dissolution. An early election is great for the ALP, however it is an even better sign for The Greens and other minority parties as well as independents who will most probably gain ground from the last federal election and take advantage of weakened coalition seats.

WA may be the factor in the election once again when it comes to a swing – we are, unfortunately, quite a conservative state and the only state from 2007 where the coalition did relatively well.

With someone like Abbott at the helm of his party, and with Rudd taking a backwards step in his disappointing personal philosophy on certain matters, legislation such as legalising homosexual marriage, the ending of mandatory sentencing and other progressive steps will not happen.

At the moment, Australia has two major political parties with a conservative and right-leaning stance in a number of similar and different areas. Unfortunately for those of us who are sane, the media is aligned closely with both of them… the mass media anyway.

Where will the next 6 months, or year, or decade take us? Who knows. All I can speculate is that it probably won’t be very pleasant. Then again, we all have the power to change that.


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