Will there ever be another 60’s?

9 Nov

Unless you were there, then you probably wouldn’t know the feeling surrounding the decade of social and political rebellion and change. A member of the true counter-culture of the 1960’s is probably the only one with an authority on discussing what it felt like to fight for ideals against authority and the status-quo.

Speak to any baby-boomer that called themselves a liberal, reformist, non-conformist, radical, activist or hippie and they will relate stories of protests, non-violent demonstrations, arrests, pot smoking, acid tripping and no doubt; lots of free love.

However the stories and events seem somewhat cliched if you mention them to any member of Gen X and Gen Y. YOU HAD TO REALLY BE THERE. And that’s what you’d probably hear from anyone over 50 after they tell their story and you look at them with a confused and lost look on your face.

However, for those of us with a social conscience, who really do fight for change and try hard to make a difference, then the plot is not really lost on us.

The only question we ask is; will the spirit of the 60’s ever return?

Will there ever be another time in history when there will be so much social and political upheaval and rebellion.

When will young people start to actually give a damn about the way the governments of our world constantly screw with us. When will young people finally say that they’ve had enough of the corporate, capitalist machine that constantly spits out droll commercialised products aimed at taking away our individualism and turning us all into mindless, non-thinking consumers?

When will they do something?

The answer to my question is that there will be another 60’s. The spirit of liberty and freedom from the powers that be will one day return. They have to, the human mind can only take so much control and enslavement from others.

Right now, we as humans are slaves – slaves to the corporate machines that continuously control our minds, our spending habits, our thought-processes and even our actions. We are slaves to technology to the point where we have become machines that are a part of the machine itself.

We will soon lose the essence of our humanity if we let it go on any longer and there will be no more left of what the generation of the 60’s fought for – freedom.

There is far too much consumerism happening today – particularly amongst my own generation – I am saddened greatly by watching on the sidelines as so many ideals are lost without a fight, even a slight struggle. They have all given in to the machine…. but….

… bear in mind what I said earlier. The human mind can only take so much.

We need to gather once again as a group – let voices be heard and let the powers topple over with our protest. There can be no more room for the rape of this planet and the control that is being exerted over us all.

The revolutions in the 60’s began because people saw a wrong being committed and cared enough to fight to stop it. It only has to begin with one person making a stand – others will soon follow as empathy overwhelms them. We all have enough love, compassion and empathy to want to join anyone that is making a justified stand against wrongdoers.

Yet, first we need to rid ourselves of a few vices that plague us, especially here in Australia. They are;

Prejudice, Xenophobia, Racism, Greed, Apathy.

Once these are out of the way, let the revolution begin.


One Response to “Will there ever be another 60’s?”

  1. Steve November 9, 2009 at 7:30 am #

    You’ll get your revolution my friend, be patient. Once the US dollar goes down then this thing is going global, no question about it. It’s already begun in the US on differing levels, the mainstream media is doing its best to not report it. The powers that be know they are in serious trouble.

    I don’t advocate violence but I think its going to be needed in some cases, and fuck I’m at my wits end with the shit they are getting away with. That’s why the 60’s revolutions failed in some cases. I prefer the French/Malcolm X style.

    Don’t worry about those who are apathetic, the Matrix is being turned off and they are going to be unplugged whether they like it or not. Then it will be time to separate the contenders from the pretenders.

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