Take Action

9 Nov

What needs to be done at a grassroots level is; action, action and more action. People need to become more involved and engaged in political and social protest. Right now in the world, the conservatives and the right still have far too much influence in decisions that are made; key decisions that affect the world in which we live and our fellow human beings who are made to suffer in the third world.

Here in Western Australia, the new state government has pushed forth the construction of uranium mines – uranium that will be mined and exported to nuclear powers – we are part of the problem, not the solution.

So, how could a government be elected when the people well and truly knew that this was their intention?

Simple: It’s not our problem.

People, it is!

The lack of conscience that exists today within our society is what is eventually going to be the downfall of human civilisation if the attitude does not alter soon. Most people wouldn’t realise the implications, the heavy implications, of a ballot box. Now, not to condone all the actions of the previous government because they were not perfect, even with environmental policy. However, compared to the current coalition government that exists here, there has been absolutely no regard whatsoever for the natural beauty and wonder of our state.

Our coastline, relatively untouched compared to the rest of this country, is in danger of becoming another Surfers Paradise – ugly high-rise apartments dotting the shore and creating an increase in shore loss and pollutants making their way into the ocean.

At a grassroots level, we must begin petitioning, protesting, debating and winning over the majority because this is, quite simply, a weak and spineless government that only bases policy on public opinion – so let’s use that to our advantage and let our voices be heard.

Recently, the state government made moves to eliminate the relatively small fees and rates offered by Key Start home loans, part of the department of housing and planning. Key Start was an initiative of the former administration as a way to enable low income earners to own their own home. Recently however, the fees and rates have raised, defeating the purpose of what Key Start was created for in the first place.

According to a media release found on the Key Start website explaining this, is says;

“Keystart Loans has announced an increase in the deposit required from first homebuyers –
from 2% to 4% of the value of the property price.

Applicants for Keystart funds will also need to show a three-month saving history amounting
to 2% of the purchase price. This amounts to around $6,400 for home buyers seeking a
typical house price of $320,000.

Chief Executive Officer, John Coles said the increases would only apply to new clients
applying for the low-interest, low-deposit loans from the close of business Friday, 4th
September 2009.

“These increases are a responsible and necessary move designed to manage risk and
ensure Western Australians are not over-extending themselves – particularly in times of
rising unemployment and expected increases in official interest rates,” Mr Coles added.”

So, their justification is that by increasing their rates, they are taking responsible action so that low income earners don’t find themselves in trouble in a time of low unemployment. A little contrasting with the governments latest optimism about the future growth of our state and our relatively low unemployment levels, don’t you think?

In the time that the coalition has been in power they have already made several amendments to bills such as the Aboriginal Housing Act of 1980, Criminal Code Bill of 2008 and have transferred private health insurance providers, HBF and HIF from not-for-profit organisations to corporations under the influence of the federal governments changes – rather than fight this injustice and unfair move, they have gone along with it.

These changes and bills require people to really read between the lines and figure out why they are being put forth in the first place. Take a closer look at what’s going on, and take a look at what the media DOESN’T report on. Quite simply, the media will only tell you what they believe to be important and worthwhile (and politically gainful for their mates in parliament).

I request, with urgency, that you begin fighting for what you believe will make a difference for the better. Like I said on here yesterday, it’s time to fight the machine, fight the injustice that is taking place, not just against the environment but against our people; our Indigenous Australians, our Asylum Seekers and our minority groups who are feeling the punch of subliminal prejudice and racism like never before.


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