Conspiracy Theory (no not the Mel Gibson film, you idiots)

2 Nov

Here we go:

The CIA is placing prozac in our coffee so that we are constantly in a complacent and happy state and have no thoughts of rebelling against the status-quo.

Global Warming is a ploy set up by former soviet KGB bosses so that they can regain control of Alaska and its oil rigs and use them as transmitters to send messages to extra-terrestrial life and garner their help in conquering the Earth.

IVF treatment is a weapon used by a militiant feminist movement, led by Germaine Greer, in order to eventually eliminate the need for males and eventually wipe out the Y chromosome.

Sunscreen does not protect against melanomas, it contains toxins that weaken the brains ability to create rational and logical thought thus making it easier to brainwash individuals.

This one is my personal favourite – from the great George Carlin: “Like a guy who tells you the King of Sweden is using his dick as a radio transmitter to send anti-semitic lesbian meatloaf recipes to Soupy Sales and Marvin Hamlisch.”

There are far too many crazy conspiracy theorists out there… yet does this give full discredit to any conspiracy that may or may not be taking place or has taken place in history?

Short answer: History is full of them – how do you think Julius Caesar met his death? What, Brutus was just giving him a friendly pat on the back and forgot that he was wielding a dagger?

I think, that for any classic ‘real’ conspiracy, you have to look at the U.S. There really isn’t much in way of their history that screams, “legitimacy!”.

You have your Bay of Pigs, countless CIA operations, Presidential Assassinations (only two but they count), Secret Societies (not just limited to the USA), the more recent informations leaked that government operatives knew 9-11 was coming (the crashing of a plane into the twin towers, not the eventual arrival of a 9 and 11 after 8 and 10 respectively, taking into account the fact that you are counting up and not down).

Why, even my blog could be a conspiracy in itself – to get you so entirely pissed off with my left-wing rabble that you long for an extreme right dictatorship 😛

Yes, there are more loonies that tunes out there, and yes there are some conspiracy theories that make you cringe more than sitting through one hour of a Full House reunion episode. However, this doesn’t mean that there are not some that have taken place and will take place. Those with power tend to want to keep it, as history will tell us. Usually by any means necessary (sorry I didn’t mean to use that last quote to associate Malcolm X with any conspiracy theory, I just wanted to use the saying).

* Just a footnote: when I mention Bay of Pigs, I mean the secrecy and espionage involved, not the entire event as it wasn’t exactly a secret – however there were papers that until 1996 were highly classified, these documents concluded exactly how unprepared and insufficiently equipped the CIA and US forces were in the Cuban invasion.


One Response to “Conspiracy Theory (no not the Mel Gibson film, you idiots)”

  1. Steve November 3, 2009 at 1:25 am #

    You knew I was going to reply haha.

    Unfortunately, many people take a rather brief superficial approach to this subject. They will merely brush over a couple of conspiracy websites, maybe watch Zeitgeist, etc and then decide ultimately that its all bullshit, tar everything with the same brush and then plug back into the Matrix. You CANNOT do that with this field. In essence by doing that you are actually further enslaving yourself, exactly what the conspirators want you to do.

    Being an academic and being very well versed in theories of epistemology, an entirely objective/empiricist approach is not entirely effective either. Yes, I completely agree facts are important and necessary for many arguments and are relevant to this field, however, sole appeal to some alleged objective truth in a conspiracy theory and wanting to see hard evidence all the time is not practical. Crudely, for the dumbed down out there: if the conspirators are that adept at pulling something exceptionally sophisticated off (say, 9/11) and making you believe a certain truth, they are also exceptionally adept at covering up the hard evidence. Conspiracies are essentially professionally artistic versions of a cover-up.

    Now I agree, there is an absolute plethora of bullshit and nonsense out there. You gave some funny examples, and I can think of far worse. Towards any conspiracy theory, on one side, you have a massive orchestrated campaign of intentional disinformation and discrediting (yes, they pay people to trawl the internet, media, etc to discredit, humiliate, intimidate people who are researching these topics and to also pose as fake conspiracy researchers). On the other side, you have a myriad of wackos, hoaxers and gullible dickheads who fall for the fear mongering and disinformation who also perpetuate nonsense and lies. Neither side does the field or the intelligent, credible researchers that realize something very serious is going on, any justice. I do admit that is hard to discern credible from non-credible at times, that is another problem, instinct and common sense can help with that. I will step in defence of those who are legitimate researchers and ordinary folks in this field trying to do their job.

    At a crude level, all you have to ask yourself with any conspiracy theory is who benefits from something happening/who doesn’t and why/how they benefit? Very simple really. Critical thinking helps too. Yes, might want to put that fucking beer down for once?

    After 10 years of research in this field, reading an unbelievable variety of hardcore skeptics, nutjobs and everything in between, I can conclusively say:

    Illuminati – Call them that, Bilderbergs, Trilaterals, 13 families, etc, call them whatever you want, they exist. They run (or want to eventually) the planet through various means and are responsible for most of the conspiracies and massive global events. Control most prominent politicians and corporations through a global pyramid network and compartmentalization.

    ET/Aliens: They exist, always have done, they are NOT hostile. Roswell and other events happened. We have acquired and worked out their technology. It’s being kept secret because release of their technology would revolutionize our society and make it whole lot better, destroy the corrupt status quo of oil/central banking/warfare capitalist economics and, revelation of their presence would also destroy religions (particularly the Vatican does not want this).

    9/11 – inside job all the way. So many holes in the entire story. Basically a ‘New Millennium Reichstag Incident’. Almost disturbingly similar to how it has played out too.

    Federal Reserve Bank – A private bank owned and operated by the Illuminati. Owned by a few families and owns the US government and basically tells it what to do.

    Global Warming – Scam of the century. Not being caused by carbon emissions but by highly intense and unusual solar activity and a massive gaping hole in the magnetosphere which all the global space agencies have confirmed (it also ties in interestingly with the Mayan calendar in terms of solar activity and this time period). Essentially, carbon is a building block of life, it is NOT the enemy as it has been depicted by that con artist Al Gore. There is no science behind the emissions argument, only assertions.

    A brief interlude in what I could talk for hours about. But let me put it this way, as Morpheus so eloquently did: “No-one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.” Get off your own arse and do some research to those ‘sceptics’out there. Its funny, most people missed most of the messages of the Matrix. Why do you think they also made V for Vendetta? Go watch again closely.

    In all essence though, this is just my 2 cents. I’m not saying I’m better or worse, just have an alternative viewpoint than that of the status quo.

    I’m going to shut up now.

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