Questions…. and Answers!

19 Oct

Question 1 – Why does Monday have to be a miserable day for us?

Answer: It doesn’t – the fact that we have to go back to work after having a couple of days off is just that… it’s a fact. Get over it, you had your two days off, get back into it, that’s how you earn an income, that’s what keeps you going. Imagine a whole week where you had nothing to do. Sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it?

Make the most of the Monday because at the end of the week you’ll look back and all you’ll have are miserable memories if that’s how you feel early on in the week.

Question 2 – Why do we constantly worry about the future when we’re supposed to be enjoying the present?

Answer – Most people are concerned about where they are going or what they are going to do rather than where they are and what they are presently involved in. Enjoy yourself! If you’re on vacation and your constantly worried about when you finally get back to work and have to play catch-up then you won’t enjoy your vacation… pretty much defeated the purpose of getting away, isn’t it?

Question 3 – Why do we dwell in the past when we should be learning from mistakes and making a happier life?

Answer – Forget whatever you have done, had done to you or what someone else has done to someone. Build bridges, get over them and start anew. We dwell so much in the past that it becomes who we are and that is not healthy. What we’ve done is not who we are. What we are going to do to make a difference is who we are – we’re supposed to be happy. Life is too short to be angry, depressed, nervous, scared and regretful.

Question 4 – Why do we get so upset when things don’t go our way?

Answer – I’ve been far too guilty of this but it’s time to draw the line and just get over it. We all should, really. It’s not hard to do. If you’re expecting something and it doesn’t happen, then don’t cry about it. There’s not a reason for it either so don’t go looking for it – it happened because it happened.

If your car broke down this morning on the way to work, then your car broke down on the way to work. that’s it. If you’re in a relationship and it ends, then it ended, don’t go looking for reasons, it happened because it happened.

If your milk went sour overnight in the fridge, your milk went sour overnight in the fridge.

Question 5 – Why do people place so much importance on religious customs and rituals when the aren’t even in touch with their fellow human beings?

Answer – We put too much emphasis on a creator or spiritual being that has not been proved to exist. Yet people worship, lead their life according to thousand year old rules and still have hate in their hearts for others. We need to get in touch with our humanity first. People don’t need religion to be good people. It’s as simple as that.


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