Creating the difference, not waiting for it.

18 Aug
the Man

the Man

Those of you who remember or happened to come across my former blogspot blog from a couple of years ago and those of you who happened to read what this blog is about and currently find yourself disappointed that I have not yet gone into much of a political rant yet, let me explain why:

I see blogging as a social activity as well as an avenue to express ideas and share knowledge (or in my case, some other people’s knowledge). I am not a paid journalist, I am not a professional writer, and no, I am not currently freelancing as an independent, hoping one day to uncover a massive story that will turn the world upside down.

I am a person with a blog, plain and simple.

As a social activity, blogging, especially when it comes to sharing opinions with others, should be like when you meet people for the first time at a party: You don’t want to get into politics straight away (nor is it a good idea to begin discussing politics at a party, but I’ll get into that later).

When you meet someone for the first time, you just want them to get to know you, to know what you do, what you’re interested in and basically get small talk out of the way.

Links on your blog are almost like ‘friends of friends’, yes I know so and so and you know so and so, therefore we should have a chit chat about stuff.

Blogging should be a gradual process when leading up to discussing the big stuff – politics.

It’s like the Wrestlemania of discussion. You have to build up to it, it’s the main event.

That’s what I’m attempting to do with West Coast Left. On a similar note, the title of my blog should probably give a few things away about my political leanings. It’s like the person wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt out in public, you can kind of tell what they’re on about – unless they’re a clone of a wannabe socialist who just wants to appear as a revolutionist (this is why I sometimes have reservations when wearing Ernesto around with me, although at the same time I ironically found a t-shirt with him smoking a cigar on it – it cost $60… that’s the ironic point, not the cigar smoking).

As a socialist, I admire individualism and have a disdain for a society in which we cannot be ourselves without judgement from our peers on our appearance, our ideologies and our values. It is a sad state of affairs that has oppressed those with the willingness and ability to speak out and to tell it how it is. Our society dictates to us every single aspect of our lives, from the way we dress, to the way we accomplish our duties at work. The education system, it would seem, is not neglected by this oppression.

I am still, we are still, waiting for a revolution. I repeat that word over and over in my posts and it is was my mantra from my former blog: “Waiting for a revolution”.

However, today things are different. I have a slightly different way of looking at things, you see, I not only think, but I KNOW that I can make a difference, and so can those that I know or speak to about the issues that will be covered in this blog.

The mantra has now changed: “I WILL create the revolution”.


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