The New Curriculum

11 Aug

It’s 2009 and it’s an exciting time to be alive. I say that with a great air of responsibility and thought, however. It is a time when we must begin to change the way that we as the human race think. The way we eat. The way that we live our lives in almost every possibly way.

It can be a very exciting time. It can also be a very uninspiring, morbid and devastating era if transformations within ourselves do not occur.

However, this is meant to be a positive and inspiring post today and leave each reader with a sense that something great is in the air. I want each person that visits this site over the next few weeks to not believe, but KNOW that, in the words of the great Bob Dylan, the times, they are changing! Not just changing, because the more things change, the more they stay the same as the old saying goes. That’s a quote I didn’t really understand until recently, over a year ago. We need to transform.

Transform our own reality, the world in which we live in and how we interact with her and with each other.

Think of the Earth as a living being, something that feels, that breathes, that has emotion. Although that isn’t true since the Earth is a rock that exists within a perfect orbit and distance from the sun with a satellite known as our moon with the right conditions of orbit so that it controls our tides. Billions of year ago elements within our atmosphere made the presence of single celled organisms possible and then evolution took place… the Earth is a rock on which we live.

However, it is time that we began looking at this rock as our companion, our friend, our life-giver. Respect her, let her know that we are appreciative of the life she has given us, of the beauty and majesty that is present in every corner and of the diversity of that beauty and majesty.

So, how does this transformation of thought and ideology take place?

It begins, in my honest opinion, in education.

When I refer to education, I am not specifically referring to just schools and other learning institutions. I am referring also to family, to friends, to those in our community who take on leadership positions and guide others.

The New Curriculum is the teaching and learning that takes place between all involved in our society. It is leadership by example: Living a transformed life in front of others rather than just talking about it. It is teaching by doing: Practicing each theory you teach others, every concept and idea is mastered and handed down. It is learning by open and honest communication with every member of our society: Speaking out against something that harms yourself or others. Working out ways in which to solve issues and conflicts, and taking a stand against violence and letting diplomacy resolve all problems.

The New Curriculum in the classroom – the global classroom, is one that utilises technology and communications systems so that we can gain more knowledge about the universe in which we live and ways in which we can solve issues that will always come up no matter what state of peace or equilibrium we live in.

The New Curriculum should also apply to those learning institutions – ethics, philosophy, mathematics and mastering of our languages must be at the forefront – these are essential to the building of a peaceful and advanced society that will prevail through eons with a state of equilibrium and peace that would not have been seen before.

The old system of the teacher and learner/student in the classroom is now a thing of the past as learning takes place between both teacher and student. We are constantly taught, we are constantly learning to adapt the way we teach and it is via the students in our classrooms. The classroom of today, of the here and now, is one that is not used to suppress and oppress a students potential, their talent, their ability, but one that nurtures their imagination, their creativity, their way of seeing the world as a child – awe, innocence, infinite possibilities. Anything is possible through the eyes of a child that has not been told the rules of the world, the rules of how they are told they SHOULD live their lives.

Educational institutions have existed, in the past, as a way in which to make individuals conform to a singular and similar way of life. Dare I say it, it was assimilation. Mass assimilation.

Today we will transform the idea that an individual child is meant to live their life the way that society dictates how they should live their life to an idea that nurturing a child’s individual personality and ability to achieve great things in our world.


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